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" I would hands down recommend this training product to any aquatic facility looking to beef up the calibre of instruction or staff training. I don’t rep products for money, so you know the manikin is absolutely something I can get behind as a lifeguard, trainer and instructor trainer. "

                                                  Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd

" The Pool Rescue Manikin has the most life-like attributes that I have seen in any training tool. It sinks quickly, and positions itself in the pool like a real person would... it makes practicing skills and techniques more realistic and meaningful to the lifeguard."     

                                                                              Alisha Gee - Canadian Lifeguard

" This training tool would be useful in all pool settings - indoor or outdoor - and for multiple training techniques. I look forward to working and training with the Pool Training Dummy in the future!"

                                                                              Megan Turner - Canadian Lifeguard

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