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Yellow Jacket Basket Litter






The Yellow Jacket Basket Litter offers a simple, standard method of immobilization that is both patient and user friendly.


This stretcher is unmatched in its versatility for High Angle, Mine, Industrial, Rough Terrain, Water, Water Craft and Ice Rescue. It exceeds U.S. Military Specifications.

When secured, the patient may be moved in any position(vertically, horizontally, on the side or even upside down) in complete safety and without additional trauma, greatly simplifying evacuation over obsticles.

Product Features

  • Full body restraint system for extraction procedures
  • Provides complete protection and minimizes transmitted shock and impact to the patient, even when carried over rough terrain
  • Patient can be moved in any position with added security and minimal discomfort
  • Bed insert may be used with spinal backboards and splints
  • Attaches to AnchorMan Trailer
  • Stretcher is easily to clean and decontaminate

Product Details

Consists of basket litter complete with a lightweight aluminium frame, spring suspended, vinyl-coated nylon bed insert, security envelopment system, three retaining straps and a high density polyethylene shell.

Double security envelopment system consists of: nylon shoulder and foot straps, patient over-flaps, adjustable pelvic harness, head and chin immobilizing flaps with harness, three securing straps with seatbelt buckles, four polyester adjustable lifting straps and a large storage pocket.

Litter frame supports in excess of 1,136 kilograms.

Capacity of nylon lifting straps: 4,545kg 

Working range temperature: -50 Celsius to 82 Celsius 

PRODUCT SIZE   :   63.5 x 205.7x 20.3 cm

WEIGHT  :   20 kg