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Search & Rescue

A black version of the popular Man Overboard manikin - more difficult to find!


Moving and handling heavy items carries certain risks. Please read and distribute these guides to all involved in using our training dummies.

  1. Equipment Note for Ruth Lee Rescue Training Dummies
  2. Risk Assessment for the General Handling and Transportation of Training Dummies
  3. Water Rescue Floatation Foam Recommendations

Product Details

Made in exactly the same way as the popular Man Overboard manikin, the only difference is the colour. The Search & Rescue model is deliberately designed to be difficult to see in the water to enable crews to develop the 'search' element of their Search & Rescue training, making this model particularly suitable for Police Forces or inland water rescue teams.

This manikin can float at any angle between the vertical and horizontal by simply moving the foam pieces between the chest pockets and the legs, a process which takes seconds.


  • Supplied complete with a protective overall constructed in tough Polyester (conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and ISO 17050-1) - the same material used in Police ballistic/stab vests.
  • This manikin will easily withstand a fall of 5 - 6 metres into water with no damage, these manikins are tough!
  • A polypropylene loop to the back allows the manikin to be lowered into position or hung up to dry.
  • The black mask supplied makes the manikin even harder to find by covering the brightly covered head but this can be left off at night to expose the Solas reflective tape if required.
  • Polyethylene strips allow flexibility in and out of the water but prevent the manikin from bending in half when using stretchers or recovery devices like a Jason's Cradle.
  • Protective overalls and boots are user replaceable and greatly extend the life of the manikin


  • 100% of the UK Fire Services
  • MOD – these are the only water rescue manikins specified by the British Ministry of Defence - NATO stock numbers available.
  • Emergency service professionals around the world - we regularly export to 26 countries with the USA, Australia and Germany being our biggest markets.
  • Navies, Armies & Airforces throughout Europe and worldwide.
  • Defence Fire Risk Management Organization - DFRMO
  • London Offshore Consultants
  • Foyle Search & Rescue
  • British Canoe Union
  • Ports
  • Coastguards/Lifeguards
  • Inland water rescue teams
  • Gulf Power Marine
  • Police Service for Northern Ireland
  • Exmoor Search & Rescue
  • Marine Consultancy Services
  • Cleveland Mountain Rescue
  • Brecon Mountain Rescue
  • RNLI Port Isac
  • RNLI Isle of Man
  • MCA Training Centre
  • States of Jersey Fire Service
  • Cleveland Mountain Rescue
  • United Nations mission in South Sudan
  • Bahrain Airforce
  • Swift Water Training
  • Canterbury Coastguard
  • Viking Life - Estonia
  • Malaysia Fire & Rescue Department (BOMBA)
  • Australian State Emergency Services
  • Australian Surf Life Saving Clubs
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force
  • Singapore Changi Airport Academy
  • Malaysian Fire & Rescue Department

PRODUCT DETAILS - The same construction as the Man Overboard model but with black overalls

  • Nylon mesh - conforms to BS3408/20
  • Reinforced P.V.C  - conforms to BS3408/20 and ISO 7854 1984
  • High density polypropylene webbing (25mm rated to 207Kg, 50mm rated to 440Kg)
  • SOLUS reflective tape - compliant with US Department of Transportation specification USCG 46 CFR, section 164.018 and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) resolution A.658(16).
  • Polypropylene plastic (conforms to DIN EN ISO 1873, Teil 1)
  • Non-absorbent closed cell foam - water absorption : 1 Day  < 0.1 (DIN 53428 1986) 28 Days  < 0.5% VOL
  • Overall constructed in Polyester: conforms to BS EN ISO 6330), OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and ISO 17050-1
  • Made in the UK - all manikins conform strictly to our ISO9001:2008 standards.

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